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It's Your Money....Save It With HYDROGEN!!!

Hydrogen Developed Technology Inc. (HDTI) is a privately held Canadian company that designs and manufacturers the HDTI Hydrogen/Oxygen Electrolyser. At present there are three models available in the marketplace. The HDTI System is designed to reduce the amount of fuel consumed, increase power and torque, and substantially reduce tailpipe emissions for any four stroke, internal combustion engine burning any fossil fuel.

There has been a lot of speculation, doubt, and controversy surrounding the hydrogen injection technology. Many critics say that if they can't understand it, there is no possible way it can work. But, hydrogen injection technology does work and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) acknowledged this fact in 2007. DOT published a 94 page report "Guidelines For Use Of Hydrogen Fuel In Commercial Vehicles" that can be found at www.fmcsa.dot.gov exploring the viability of hydrogen on demand technology, amongst others.

The findings were positive in that "hydrogen injection is a viable source for supplementary fuel." As with any change from the commonplace, it took the U.S. Government a long while to acknowledge and validate this emerging technology, a validation that should dispel any remaining doubts as to whether or not hydrogen injection technology really does save fuel and reduce emissions.

Fuel savings realized with the HDTI system installed on a Dodge Caravan
307km consumed 31.1L of fuel before install
10.15L of fuel consumed per 100km

307km consumed 24.6L after install

8.0L of fuel consumed per 100km

This constitutes a savings of 2.15L of fuel for every 100km driven!!!

The HDTI unit is fueled by steam distilled water, readily available anywhere and very inexpensive. It draws power from the alternator of the vehicle and is self contained....nothing to add but water

 182 Wellington St. Bowmanville ON L1C 1W3, 905-623-2827, sales@hdti.ca

Reliability * Dependability * Consistency * Credibility
Are the 4 key business concepts that separate HDTI from the competition.